Andreas Gotsopoulos
Edinburgh Counsellor and Psychotherapist



About Me

One thing that artists and therapists probably have in common is that they both need to draw a lot from themselves and their own life experiences to be genuine in what they give to others. To be a therapist is to be human, not a superhuman. To be someone who deeply feels –just like everyone else- the pain, the love, the joy, the fear, pleasure, anger, shame, anxiety, happiness, loneliness, kindness, confusion, yearning, sadness, peace, disappointment, indecision, gratitude, bitterness, and all the many more emotions that come with just being human and trying to make sense of the world and to live life as best as possible. Despite all the fuss we make about our apparent differences, deep down we all know some basic simple truths: no one is perfect, everyone has flaws; no one wants to be alone, everyone needs love and caring; no one is always right, everyone makes mistakes; no one is invincible, everyone is vulnerable somehow. We may not like everything about our human nature, but I do believe it pays to try to accept and forgive ourselves and others simply for being human…and sometimes too human.

Every person has a unique life story to tell, and I am open to share with you in-person anything you may need to know about me. On the whole, my life has been both easy and hard, good and bad, exceptional and common, interesting and boring. I believe that it should not be so much about what my particular life experiences have been so far, although by now in my mid-forties I could say that I've definitely had my share of them. What I feel to be truly important is that I managed to learn a lot from all of them and that I care to use this knowledge to help others -as genuinely as I can- through difficult times in their life.

Before making this life commitment to become a counsellor, I had already been myself in personal therapy for several years, so I deeply respect the courage it takes to place your trust and to confide your innermost thoughts and feelings to someone who –for all intents and purposes- is a stranger to you. It is true that therapy may feel as a difficult process at times, but I also know very well how amazing it can actually feel to see yourself and your life change for the better. After all, as a wise proverb says, it is better to light a candle than to sit cursing in the dark! And if you choose it, I'd be honoured to be by your side during your own journey to bring more light and peace in your mind and heart.


My counselling work is primarily based on the principles of Person-Centred Therapy, founded by Carl Rogers. The key premise of this approach is that therapy does happen whenever there is a genuine, warm, open, accepting and emotionally safe relationship between the counsellor and the client, who interact on an equal standing as individual persons. There are no gimmicks or tools, no special techniques, interventions or hidden agenda involved. The counsellor is fully present as a caring and informed companion who attentively listens with empathy and provides genuine feedback, while the client is encouraged to talk freely about anything that seems important to him/her and relevant to his/her present situation. Together they explore and deal with any aspects and issues as they gradually arise, eventually leading the client to a deeper conscious understanding of him/herself and to finding the answers or solutions that best serve him/her at the present time.


I am currently in the final training stage before attaining a Master's (MSc) in Person-Centred Psychotherapy & Counselling that is awarded by the University of Strathclyde (in Glasgow, UK), which is a 3-year postgraduate programme that combines academic education with intensive experiential training. In addition, I have undergone extensive and intensive personal psychotherapy (both Person-centred and Psychodynamic) which is widely considered as indispensible complimentary training. Furthermore, I have a Bachelor's (B.Comm) degree in Business Administration from McMaster University (in Hamilton, Canada), which enabled me previously to work in Marketing and in Customer Service. I can work fluently in both English and Greek.


My fee for a 50' session is £ 35. Sessions can take place either online via Skype, or in-person at The Life Academy Wellbeing Centre. First appointment is £ 20. Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.



I work from the Life Academy Wellbeing Centre at 3B Greenhill Park, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh EH10 4DW. The Centre is situated in a transport hub and is easily accessible by bus or car. Free, private parking is available on request.



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