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I am really honoured that you are considering working with me. This is the first step on your journey toward healing and flourishing. Please note that the best way to contact me is by completing the form below. However, if you wish to speak to me, you can call me on UK +44 (131) 2085969 or US +1 (323) 3150442 and leave a voice message. In most cases, I will reply to you in kind within three days, so we can arrange our introductory meeting, in Edinburgh, London or Online.



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I also offer my services online via a secure and encrypted web conferencing platform, with clients from all over the world, as well as local clients that prefer to work from the comfort and familiarity of their own home.  Online consultations are equally as effective as the face-to-face consultations and allow us to work together irrespective of your geographical location and without having to spent time travelling to my office. 

For my online consultations, I use the web conferencing and telemedicine platform., uses encrypted point-to-point connections and identifying information is never recorded. That means that our consultations are always safe and secure and the privacy of our conversations is always maintained. is very easy to use as it works with all popular browsers. You do not need to download a software or to create an account and login to meet with me. At the time of our scheduled consultation, all you need to do is to either click on the "Enter waiting room" button below or to directly go to the URL  and you will be taken to my online clinic space. 




I offer psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and couples /relationship counselling in Edinburgh. I work from the Life Academy Wellbeing Centre at 3B Greenhill Park, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh EH10 4DW. The Centre is situated in a transport hub and is easily accessible by bus or car. Free, private parking is available on request. 





I offer coaching, counselling and psychotherapy in London. My office is at Islington/Shoreditch area, it is close to tube stations, and it has disabled access. More information about my London office can be found here.





I am always happy to facilitate requests for outdoor psychotherapy or coaching. Working in a natural setting can significantly help to foster qualities such as presence, mindfulness and receptiveness, which in turn can positively enhance the outcome of healing or growth work. Sessions can last anywhere from a few hours to days (personal retreats). The places that we visit are usually tranquil and not busy with people so we can have the opportunity to work in an environment that is relaxing, inspiring and promotes deeper concentration and introspection.  For the ecotherapy appointments, we usually choose forests or beaches that are close to Edinburgh or in the Highlands . More information about ecotherapy can be found here



What I do is to help people to heal and flourish by offering my attention, care, experience, knowledge and any wisdom I may have acquired in this life so far. My service to you is not a product, in the sense of a normal market transaction, so therefore the money that you offer is not because you are buying something from me. You cannot buy someone’s attention, knowledge, care, respect or warmth; these qualities are priceless. You also cannot buy the warm and empathic relationship necessary to help you to heal and flourish. When we work together, I offer you my attention, care and knowledge wholeheartedly and passionately, not because you pay me but because I care for your well-being, and because helping you to heal and flourish brings meaning and purpose to my life.I believe it is important for you to know that as a psychologist, psychotherapist and philosophical counsellor, I have undertaken more than ten years of continuous training at a post-graduate and undergraduate level, as well as many years working face-to-face and Online with clients from around the world. Additionally, I constantly invest money and time in furthering my education in psychology, psychotherapy and philosophy through formal academic education, continuous professional development, participation in spiritual training such as retreats, as well as through reading the latest scientific papers and books. So, your offering, in essence, makes it possible for me to devote my time to you and to your needs as well to study and reflect so that I continue to learn and be useful and effective.


My fee is £ 65 (or the equivalent in US Dollars/Euros) for a session of psychotherapy, counselling or coaching. This applies both to face-to-face (local work within Edinburgh and London) and online. I also offer longer sessions, such as two hours, half-day or full day sessions, including ecotherapy sessions in nature. 


My fee for relationship/couples counselling and psychotherapy is £90 per session. Please note that at times during couples counselling, we will meet one-to-one (that is, one person only will attend), for these sessions my normal £65 fee applies. 


First assessment session is 90 minutes and the cost is £90. Thereafter, each in-clinic neurofeedback session is £65. For home/remote based neurofeedback, the minimum recommended treatment plan is four months and the price is £300 per month. It is possible to pay by monthly instalments or to pay in advance with a 10% discount. This cost includes a minimum 3 home based sessions per week plus 15-minute phone or online consultation, per month.


Please note that I do not offer concessions or lower fees. However, I devote a day per week, offering my services on a pro bono/no charge basis to people that are chronically unemployed, students that are in low income and not supported by their parents, and to refugees. If this describes your circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss whether we can still work together (please note that there is always a waiting list for the pro bono consultations)

Payments can be made by debit and credit cards, online invoicing via PayPal or Square and in cash. Please note that I am able to invoice you in your currency (US Dollars/Euros) so payments do not incur foreign transaction fees.