Sarah Quinley
Edinburgh Counsellor and Psychotherapist



About Me

Here’s what I believe: Your emotions are one of your most valuable resources. When we can use our emotions to give us information rather than instructions, we can access insights which help us to know ourselves and the world around us with greater awareness and deeper understanding. The information we receive through our emotions can guide us in how to manage challenging situations, show us where our personal boundaries lie, and point us to what we value and what we believe. Developing emotional fluency means gaining access to richer understanding of how we operate and what we need to support ourselves in our growth. Building our capacity to be with our emotional experience helps us connect in more authentic and intimate ways with ourselves and others and allows us to show up in the world with more creativity, engagement and confidence. I see therapy as a collaborative journey towards greater self-acceptance and understanding. As your guide on your journey, I partner with you in exploring yourself and developing healthy, authentic ways of moving through the world, while building your capacity for feeling your feelings, resourcing self-support and uncovering internal sources of relief.


I draw from many schools of thought to offer an approach that meets the diverse needs of my clients. I don’t believe there is a one fits all approach and I have worked to develop myself personally and professionally to become a flexible practitioner. The theories that I draw from, and the tools that I offer, are all methods I have seen transform my clients’ lives. Some of the schools of thought that I draw from include:

• Person-Centred/Experiential Therapy

• Psychodynamic Therapy

• Systems Theory

• Transactional Analysis

• Emotion-Focused Therapy

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

• Sensorimotor Therapy

• Attachment Theory

• Self-Compassion Practices

• Expressive Arts

• Visualisation and Relaxation Exercises

At the core of my work is establishing a compassionate relationship with you in which you feel heard, understood, and genuinely cared about.


Prior to my therapy training, I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies which gave me a broad, well-rounded education. My studies emphasised the social sciences such as psychology, sociology, child development, development across the lifespan, philosophy, and religious studies, reflecting my keen interested in the human experience. I earned by PG Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2016 from the University of Edinburgh. I continued my studies, achieving a Doctorate in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2019.


I started working therapeutically at Hope Park Counselling Centre with adults of the Edinburgh Community. I worked with people of various ages and backgrounds on a range of issues including depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma, childhood sexual abuse, academic stress, loss/bereavement, issues around serious illness, sexuality and identity issues, and anger/violent thoughts. At Place2Be and Sunflower Garden, I expanded my practice working with children and young people. We worked with issues around bullying, family and relationship issues, inconsistent and chaotic home life, and change/transitions. I specialised working with children and young people with issues around parental substance use. I deepened my knowledge and experience working with issues around addiction and trauma as a Senior Counsellor at Simpson House Counselling and Recovery. I now work with individuals and couples at Bright Light Relationship Counselling. I support couples through emotional and sexual infidelity, enhancing and better understanding their relationship, moving through significant changes, and parting or separating amicably. I work with individuals who struggle with relationship issues toward a more connective and enjoyable relationship with themselves and others.


I specialise in issues around addiction and trauma, self-esteem and self-worth, depression and anxiety, academic and work-related stress, anger, relationship issues and sexual, emotional and physical abuse.


I am a BACP Registered Member meaning that I have been approved for having the necessary training and experience to qualify as a competent and ethical practitioner. I adhere to their code of ethics and complaints procedure and I regularly attend supervision, so you can be confident about the help I provide. I am currently in the process of applying for accreditation with the BACP. PVG/disclosure schemes are available upon request.


Individuals 60

Couples 80

Online 50

I offer some sliding scale spaces for students and those who make under a certain income amount. If I am unable to offer you a sliding scale fee, I am connected to a wide network of highly trained and experienced counsellors who I can recommend to you.



I work from the Life Academy Wellbeing Centre at 3B Greenhill Park, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh EH10 4DW. The Centre is situated in a transport hub and is easily accessible by bus or car. Free, private parking is available on request.



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